News Summaries from Last Week - August 02nd

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News Summaries from Last Week - August 02nd
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The first shipment for grain in months has left the ports of Odessa

The ship that reportedly carries 26 thousand tons of corn will pass from a control check in Istanbul and will later arrive at Lebanon.

Biden, yet again, has tested positive for covid

The United States president, Joe Biden, has tested positive today and will, again, be quarantined.

For more than 14 years, Fenerbahçe has longed for the champions league and has failed once again

After losing its match against Dinamo Kiev at 2-1, Fenerbahçe will not be able to enter the champions league, a dream they’ve now had for the last 14 years.

With the recent result of 4-0, Trabzonspor has defeated Sivasspor with a notable gap at the Super Cup

With the impressive result of 4-0, the champion of the Super League, Trabzonspor, has defeated Sivasspor, the champion of the Turkey Cup. With this, Trabzonspor will be able to add the first trophy of this season’s Super Cup to their collection.

İlhan İrem has passed away

İlhan İrem, one of the most notable Turkish musicians has passed away.

There have been several attacks on the Alevi Associations and Djemevis in Ankara

On the first day of the holy Muharram month, several concurrent attacks were arranged on the “Türkmen Alevi Bektaşi” society at Çankaya, the “Şah-ı Merdan” Djemevi at Mamak, and the “Gökçebel Köy” society in Ankara. The police reported that they have taken the suspects under custody.

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