News Summaries from Last Week - November 21st

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News Summaries from Last Week - November 21st
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Brothers Nihal and Bahar Candan were also arrested

Social media phenomenon Bahar and Nihal Candan brothers, who were arrested on charges of "money laundering" and "being a member of a criminal organization", cried loudly at the exit of the court. Bahar Candan turned to her lawyers after the court and asked, "Can you do something?" While Nihal Candan is heard saying "Why? Why?" He had a nervous breakdown by shouting. Speaking as she left the courthouse, Bahar Candan said, “The real criminals are outside, there is no money in my account, we were arrested just because we are famous.”


Metin Uca passed away

Writer and presenter Metin Uca, who was receiving treatment in intensive care after a traffic accident in Dilovası district of Kocaeli, lost his life.


Polat couple was arrested in the Banu Parlak investigation

There has been a new development in the investigation into the shooting of singer Banu Parlak's beauty center. An arrest request was made for the Dilan-Engin Polat couple. The judgeship decided to arrest the Polat couple.


Ali Yerlikaya: "Sarallar" criminal organization was collapsed

Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya announced that the criminal organization known as the "Sarallar" group, led by Özgür Saral, was collapsed. According to Yerlikaya's statement, 24 suspects, including the leader of the organization, were caught during the operations held in Istanbul.


Türkiye defeated Germany 3-2 in Berlin

Our Turkish A National Team defeated Germany, the host of EURO 2024, 3-2 in Berlin, in front of the stands dominated by Turks.

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