News Summaries from Last Week - September 21st

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News Summaries from Last Week - September 21st
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The first step from the Central Bank for the "Digital Turkish Lira"
Bilateral memorandum of understanding has been signed with the Central Bank, ASELSAN, HAVELSAN and TUBITAK-BILGEM and announced the creation of a” Digital Turkish Lira Cooperation Platform".

Simultaneous" bazaar " inspection from the Ministry of Trade
Under the instruction of the Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş, the Ministry's Guidance and Inspection Department, from the manufacturer monitoring of supply channels to the consumer, detection of unregistered transactions and agricultural product 10 cities located in 9 metropolitan areas to investigate allegations of excessive price increases in their markets then the audit was conducted.

The highest figure of the year was seen in housing sales
The highest monthly sales of housing in the year were seen in August with 141,400 units

Germany is preparing for the post-Merkel period
Germany is preparing for the next 16-year term of Angela Merkel with general elections scheduled for September 26.

A "blood test" is being trialled in the UK, which is expected to detect more than 50 types of cancer early
As of today in the UK, more than 50 types of cancer reveal no signs or symptoms a blood test that can be used to detect before leaving is widely used on volunteers it's being tried.

Confession from the US army
Commander McKenzie of the US Central Forces near Kabul Airport on August 29 in the US he acknowledged that 10 civilians were killed in an airstrike

Pfizer will dec approval for children aged 6 months to 5 years
November Pfizer announced that it will decriminalize the use of US Food and Drug products to vaccinate children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years for the coronavirus vaccine It has been announced that he will apply to the Drug Administration.

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches have started
Our representative in the UEFA Champions League, Besiktas, hosted Borussia Dortmund in the first match of Group C it was defeated 2-1.

The first matches in the groups in the UEFA Europa League have been completed. Galatasaray welcomes Lazio in Group E, 67. in the minute, the goaltender Thomas Strakosha's own goal made it 1-0 winners. Fenerbahce took the lead in the UEFA Europa League with Germany's Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 I had to draw.

A New coach of the national Team has been announced
The Turkish Football Federation has appointed coach Stefan Kuntz as the head of the A National football Team unveiled.

The number of coronavirus cases that occurred in 100 thousand people on September 4-10 was announced
Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced a map of the number of cases per 100 thousand people.

The province with the lowest case density was Rize with 38.6 Aydın and the province with the highest was Rize with 488.15. In Rize last week, the number was announced as 653. the number of weekly cases per 100 thousand people was 183 in Istanbul, 282 in Ankara, 43 in Izmir

The new danger in the Marmara Sea is the "lack of oxygen"
METU Marine Sciences, which conducts important research with the Bilim-2 Ship in the Marmara Sea Scientists working at the Institute have found that mucilage is now greatly reduced, while it is very serious he determined that the problem of oxygen starvation, which has reached a size, poses a new danger.

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News Summaries from Last Week

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