Dr. Pravin Kaushal: Body and food

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Dr. Pravin Kaushal: Body and food
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We are here as human beings to experience life at its fullest. But we have some conditioning of ideas of culture, Family , nation, our senses etc. we are first body then our thoughts and then our spirit and we can look at it reverse as spirit, mind and body too. In both ways mind plays the filter for you to experience body or spirit. When you have to understand mind either you can understand you are spirit then you can look at mind better or you can understand you are body and you understand your mind better. Just to understand we are spirit it is hard you have to go to alone place sit for months in meditation to realise what mind is! The better way is you can start with body and then go to mind.

Your body is mix of bacteria and viruses which your body come across over the evolution and this mix of cocktail of microbiome which is making your body along with other basics of your body.  when your body is in balance you experience the world better. For example if you have a back pain and some one comes and tells you I will come and talk to you nice and I can get u out of pain of your back, you will not even want to listen to it because your body is having a existential crises.. and nothing anyone says will Make sense. Same way what you feel every day which people may refer to as stress is the discomfort they feel in their body feels more during the day in different situations. For example if you don’t feel comfortable in morning wake up tired have no energy and u go to work. You are barely trying to keep up with the demand of work which you body energy can’t handle on top of that you got more work or situation at work you will be stressed. But if reverse happens even if there is extra situation or work you will be able to handle it easily.

Emotions are made of hormones and ideas mix. If your body hormones are in balance you feel good without any reason. The ideas when your body is feeling good will have balanced emotion and little clarity of mind. First try to understand body and what is a healthy body means. People think being without weight is a health that’s why everyone want to loose weight. But it becomes a life long process for most of people for rest of their life.i have seen people 50-54 kilograms but having lost of problem in their body. First questions is to ask what health is? People may compare it to weight or having no disease in body or not falling sick every years is health. Fundamentally what health is a  if you feel light in your body and energy all day is health. Anyone having these too feeling can’t get sick. To get sick you have to loose this two feeling for prolong period of time to fall sick. Body is a machine it works like a machine like any other machine body has some rules. Lets consider you have a new car and it is petrol car, and you are using 80% petrol and 20% diesel in the car. As long as car is new for four to five years it won’t give any problem but after five years the machines of the car will start breaking down and Strat giving problems. Same way body has a food system. when your body is young you put any kind of food in your system machine works..  when same body start getting older and machine working twenty for hours seven days a week will start giving problem.

Fundamentally body is design in such a way if you know how to use this machine like a car it never gets sicks that is natural.. body all system is based on defence.. body know how to repair but don’t know how to fall sick.. if you are falling sick it means you are not using the machine how it is design to be used. disease the word in English derived of two word DIS and EASE. That means when your body is not at ease. So what is the best thing to do when you are disease. Usually the practice is people rest and eat light foods take medicine to recover. But if you can always eat light food you will not have to fall sick or put on weight. Eating light foods which makes you feel light after eating not heavy is good food for that we have to eat consciously and slowly.

Most of the weight problem people have because of two reasons either they are eating wrong food or they are eating fast without chewing the food. If you eat food without basic nutrients in body like protein, carbohydrates, vitamines, minerals ect.  even if you eat a lot if the food the food is whats called junk or fast food. body nutrient levels has not fulfilled so body keeps asking for more food. And the extra volume of food you have eating which your body cannot use stays as reserve fule in your body as fat. The second reason is not chewing enough.  the whole hunger cycle is the body cells trying to communicate with brain that they are lacking nutrients. Now after feeling hunger you try to find food your brain has all the information how much nutrients your body is lacking. So lets say you are eating very healthy nutrients rich food and you have chewed only 50% of it according to brain only 50% has gone in body that’s because of enzymes in saliva giving information to brain while food is breaking down in mouth. But other 50% brain has not registered,  because you have now chewed this food. now this food travels to your stomach and stomach produce extra acid to break down this food which in turn becomes gas travels to small intestine.. which explains the swelling in abdomen after eating food. Even though you have eaten right food but that extra food has traveled to your body then this extra food again turn again into reserve fuel and stays in your body as fat. So best approach is to concentration chewing and  which foods makes you feel light and energetic rather than heavy and tired, foods which makes u feel light and energetic after eating aew is best food for your body. Before the weight gain happens people start feeling heavy then the weight comes, same way when you loose weight you will start feeling lighter in body and then you will loose weight.. people usually put time frame to how weight they should loose in how much time.. that’s why they are in hurry and stressed to loose weight. But every body is different so it looses weight at different pace.. if you keep eating foods which makes you feel light you body will get to the weight body is comfortable with.. “ALL HEALTHY PEOPLE ARE THIN, BUT ALL THIN PEOPLE ARE NOT HEALTHY”

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